Black Protest or the right to choose

During my year in Poland I knew I have some of the best time in my life. I was happy with the culture, with the language (!), with my friends and with my job. It will sound trivial, but what I was not happy with, was the politics. And what all this bad politics reflected into the society and vice versa for forming a vicious circle which is on the way to strangle the anyway fragile democratic values in this country.

I am not even going to count all the times when we were close to physical violence because my boyfriend has a darker skin and is visibly a foreigner.

I am not going to tell you how a Muslim friend had to yell “I am Christian” to avoid violence.

I am not even going to give you the devastating story of how one can get a fast contraceptive pill in Polish pharmacies. I am not going to describe the amount of money for getting the receipt, how only one of 10 pharmacies has it and all the giggling around.

I am not going to give you the story how getting pregnant without being married means full and absolute eviction from the family.

What I am going to do is to ask you to use one of your basic everyday rights as humans in a free country. I ask you to choose.

Choose to support the right for choosing of Polish women, men and families. Choose to care for this assault on human dignity. Inform yourself, don’t be careless. If you are in Poland, go to the streets. If you are not, share. Show solidarity and compassion, because living under laws restricting your own freedom is the first step to quitting of humanity.

Let’s not repeat history, let’s go forward and not let the retrograde bill of fully forbidding abortion pass into Polish parliament.

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