About Me

I am Sara. I am 23 years old volunteer, curious sociologist (by mind) and passionate traveller (by heart). I feel like Ariel who is looking for her sea now and this is the space where I share this feeling and all the thoughts born with it.

My sea may not be salt or sweet water, it may not be water at all, but it must feel like home. So far this feeling comes with moving, tasting, waking up on different places, meeting different people and learning how to handle the variety in life. Finding out what I am good at and being more focused are on the top in my “to do list” (right after “have a breakfast”).

Here you can find out how this whole process is going. I cherish peace, words, fragment photos, details and food so, dear readers, expect a lot of these.

One year after EDIT:

I am 24 now and I know that home is me. I am captain of my ship, I own myself, my mind and body. I learn how to preserve this home, maintain it healthy and full with meaning, so I can also learn to share it.

I also gave myself up to some trivial things like job searching, HR, marketing and freelancing.

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